A painting and a poem. My son

My son…

When it becomes apparent that the strength you saw in my shoulders and my heart was an illusion.

Will you stop loving me?

When my thoughts become cloudy and slow and unable to make the decisions you once relied on.

Will you still respect me?

When the wisdom that you once credited me with proves a fable and a mere playground boast.

Will you be able to forgive me my shortcomings?

When you realise that my defense was hot air and bluster and bravado.

Will you understand?

Will you understand that my deep fear was always that you would become me?

A man of no special quality. 

Will you understand that?

Will you still love me?

Dad. x

Naive art for sale
‘Possibly leaning’. Acrylic on A3 (16″ x 20″) canvas. £80.


A painting and a poem. Did you really think we’d forgotten…?


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By Ian the painter

Living in Stratford upon Avon. It's the painting that keeps me going. Buy me please...

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