The first thing I want to say is buying art is not just for the rich and I do not think buying art should necessarily be considered a luxury.

However, it goes without saying that if you do not have money to spare (something quite common in this day and age), the last thing you think of is something to hang on your wall.

I think a lot of artists would agree with me when I say, times are hard. In my own experience people are not buying, but hey, what else should I expect when the basics (food, a roof over your head etc, etc) are proving more and more difficult to come by. I get that but in defense of art I would like to say one thing about the power of paint and buying art.

ART is healthy and therefore good for you.

A picture that you enjoy, a picture that you see every day, is the equivalent of taking a ‘feel-good’ pill (and a darn sight healthier).

If you have made a purchase of a piece of art, no-matter what the subject matter is or who it is by (I’m not talking investment here), then you have gone through a very important emotional process. In short, a piece of art has moved you. To such an extent you have thought about it and engaged.

You have seen something that moved you. It could have made you laugh or made you cry. It could have bought back a memory of a place or a person. It could have transported you to the past, even propelled you into a future.

The power of paint is surreal, explosive and perhaps more importantly, never-ending.

The power of paint has the ability to jolt you into submission.

The power of paint on canvas (or otherwise) connects your eyes, your mind, your imagination. A vision of what was, what is and of what is to become.

What I am saying here is this. Do not dismiss art as something for the few. It is yours to do with as you will. Even stepping beyond the artist’s original concept. You own it to make it your own.

As I said earlier, I get it. Food, warmth, a roof over your family’s head etc are the most important things. But if the day comes when you are truly moved by a piece of art and you can afford it, do not miss the chance to buy and truly own it. You will not regret it.


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By Ian the painter

Living in Stratford upon Avon. It's the painting that keeps me going. Buy me please...

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